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Now offering information directly to your brain...

Television, Computers, PDAs, Cellphones - even the iPhone, are now obsolete! Subscribe to FlashMail and we will send content directly to your brain!

Tired of carrying around myriad devices just to stay in touch 24 hours a day? Are your batteries constantly drained? Do you need a recharge? Are those pesky driving with cellphone restrictions making you feel disconnected?
These problems are a thing of the past with FlashMail
A simple implant placed deep within your brain allows you to see text, images and video and to hear audio in hi-fidelity stereo.  No more boring meetings when you can be watching the latest hit movie. With our optional FlashSmell package, yes, you can even smell the roses!
Be the first on your block to submit to FlashMail!

FlashMail is not liable for itchy eyes, stuffy noses, hearing loss, rashes and/or sudden death.

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